“The trouble is you think you have time.” -Buddah

Time is that thing that you never have enough of, the thing that creeps up rapidly when you are anticipating something and takes forever when you are dreading it. It has a knack for leaving us wanting more. Friends this is my encouragement to figure out how to gain control over your time and use it wisely. Make a space within your allotted twenty-four hours to tell those you love why, to encourage others, to stand up for those that can’t, to spread love like a disease, to hug those around you, to focus on the important and not just the mundane. Share your precious time with people rather than things because one day both could be gone and you’ll miss the person more than the thing.  Laundry can wait. Today we lost my uncle, fairly suddenly. Just a little more time is what is craved and wished for today. Don’t miss out on yours.


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