now what?

I went to a beginners “I have my oils, now what?” class this week to get back to the basics and wanted to pass along what I learned. So here it is in a nutshell:

AROMATICALLY: breathing your oils in. This is aromatherapy at its core.


  1. Diffusing:  drop 3-10 to however many drops you want of your favorites into your diffuser, add water, breath in the goodness.  Keep in mind different diffusers have varying run times so if you want to diffuse some sleepy oils all night make sure your diffuser can run all night. Also remember to clean it out, don’t let it get gunked up!
  2. Palm Method: few drops of what you need into your hand, rub hand together, put up to nose and breath it all in.  (Tip: don’t rub your eyes after, lesson learned the hard way)

TOPICALLY: rubbing oils on your body.


  1. Neat: rubbing a few drops of oil on your skin without a dilution. Bottoms of your feet, back of your neck, wrist, abdomen, chest.
  2. Dilution: mixing oil with a carrier oil (coconut, avocado etc…). You can mix oils directly in your hand with your carrier oil or in a roller ball. For adults about 25% of the roller ball essential oils and 75% carrier oil. For a kiddo about 5% essential oils and 95% carrier. One drop will still give you all the benefits.

• INTERNALLY: consuming oils internally.


  1. Veggie Caps: putting drops of each oil into a veggie cap and swallow.
  2. Shots: mixing a few drops of the essential oil of choice and mixing with 1 oz of water and taking it like a shot of tequila. (tip: follow with a lime or orange if it isn’t a pleasant tasting oil)
  3. Under the Tongue: drop of oil directly under the tongue for instant benefits.

Oils are a trial and error, learn what works for you system. Have patience with yourself and your oily journey.





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