week one.

Just a quick update on our dirt eating journey. We all survived week one!! YAY!!

Amy, my short, sassy full of life bestie that lives in the state of potatoes, experienced a more consistent restful night sleep. This girl does not sleep, seriously we used to live together, she doesn’t sleep. So that alone is worth it! She did however quickly learn that her gut wrecking downfall is dairy and sugar. This was brought to her intention via a homemade bowl of ice cream.

Jess, my tall, beautiful, loving bestie since fifth grade lives in our hometown in Northern California. She takes better care of herself than most already so I was a bit surprised that she felt nauseous and toxic a little bit this week as her body got rid of the junk. I didn’t expect her to have much junk to get rid of… this girl will research how to naturally heal herself of something and she will eat or drink whatever she discovers is the best. She is usually fairly successful too! She learned quickly with some pizza and beer that the things we are avoiding are with good reason.

I experienced some fatigue the first few days but overall have had more energy and have felt great all week. I did have some dizziness on Friday but come to find out I can’t figure out how to put my contacts in the correct eye so that was the issue.

We did collectively agree that this is by far worth it, we’ve all eaten great food with just minor changes. In the long run spending the time healing our guts will make food more enjoyable later. Off to week 2….


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