guardian group

Sex trafficking is a scary topic and one most people think (thanks in part to the fantastic acting of Mr. Liam Neeson) only happens in other countries. Unfortunately that isn’t the case as I became quickly aware. I heard about Guardian Group almost a year ago exactly, instantly I knew I wanted to be involved somehow. However, when you look at the team of retired special forces military etc… you think how the hell can I work with you bad-asses and make a difference? A few months later and a few off handed comments regarding their social media usage I found myself on the team running their social media. It didn’t take long for this group to gain a special place in my heart so here is a little bit about who they are and why they are going to change how the world looks at human trafficking.

GG is made up of two teams the Defensive Team and the Offensive Team. The Defensive team focuses on training hotels, uber/lyft/truck drivers and others in the hospitality industry to recognize and respond to trafficking. If you go into a hotel anywhere, including beautiful Bend Oregon, the chances that trafficking is happening is much higher than you’d like to believe. Once you know what you’re looking for it is sicking to see how often it can be spotted. The Offensive or Pursuit Team is made up of veterans, all with a background in special forces. These guys have been trained to hunt terrorists and now they are using those skills to hunt pimps. Real life… pimps should be scared. Local law enforcement has their hands full of a million other things to focus on, so our purist team does the leg work for them. The purist team is a valued partner of local law enforcement and continues to create partnerships with others that are willing to stand up and say “not on our watch.”

GG is focused on counter trafficking and stopping this crime before the cycle of breaking a victim begins. It is one of the first of it’s kind and attracting some global attention. We are making a difference in Central Oregon and have our sights on the entire USA.

Learn more at Guardian Group or check out our social media: Facebook Instagram  Twitter




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