eat dirt.

It was by random chance that I stumbled upon Dr. Josh Axe’s book “Eat Dirt” and by random I mean the only audio book available now on my Overdrive App that looked interesting. It was literally, I kid you not, the answer to every health issue I have currently been struggling with and I believe sent straight from heaven above. Why am I so tired even though I sleep well? Why do I feel gross even when I eat “good-for-me-food”? Why do I feel anxious? Why do I feel like my brain cannot focus? My entire frustrating list of “Why do I” questions was the entire list of symptoms of a leaky gut!

Basically your gut controls your life and it allows your body to absorbs the nutrients it needs. However if you aren’t careful your gut can suffer a leak in which case your body begins to absorb things into your bloodstream that were never meant to be absorbed. Dr. Axe, my new best friend, goes into complete, easy to understand detail about how our gut is designed to work, the causes behind leaks and the type of leaky gut you have based on your symptoms.  Most importantly though he discusses how to heal your gut based on your type. He does this by briefly telling you what types of foods to avoid, in my case: alcohol, sugar, gluten, caffeine and dairy so basically all the delicious ones. Lucky for me though he spends much more time telling me what I can eat, what supplements I should take and which essential oils are perfect for me! Which makes it SO much easier.

Bestie’s book is cleverly titled “Eat Dirt” because he also discusses the fact that we are so hyper paranoid about germs we clean away all the good bugs too. I taught preschool for a long time… my classroom was a petri dish of germs so I get the urge to bleach all the legos.  Except now I’m rethinking my fear of germs and trying to regain a sense of good cleaning and bad OCD crazy person cleaning (i have tendencies towards the later).

So I semi demanded my two best friends  read the book and luckily they were hooked and are now joining in on taking control of our health one organic grown carrot at a time. Today was Day #1 of our lifestyle change. We texted all day supporting each other through the caffeine headache morning and the sugar craving afternoon but I’m happy to report we made it and no one died. Health updates will follow as we adventure along this journey. However in the mean time if you are struggling in anyway with a health issue you just can’t kick I HIGHLY recommend checking out Dr. Axe’s thoughts. Life changing.


Dr. Axe’s Website



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