If you could take care of you and your family in a more natural, god-given, easy way would you? Do you feel overwhelmed by the thought of all the natural options and how to even go about discovering what is best for you? That is exactly where I was when I started my holistic, eat healthier, stop feeling so overwhelmed and tired, essential oil journey. You’ll find my discoveries, failures, insights and the resources I used right here! It didn’t take long for me to become a firm believer in going back to the way they used to do things and essential oils. I’m happy and eager to answer any questions you may have regarding essential oils and health in general, so send them my way!


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  1. Emily Brown says:

    I love this! I bought my first essential oil when I was pregnant. I was getting horrible headaches and looking for some relief without taking Tylenol. From there I started to read more about them and I love the concept. But the more I read the more overwhelming it feels. How/where did you start? I hope you post more here because I will read it all! 😊


    1. andreajlowe says:

      Emily! First your little nugget is ADORABLE! Seriously. Couldn’t be cuter. So I usually set up an appointment to go over where you’re at and your health goals. Absolutely no pressure to buy anything just happy to get more info to you and take some of that scary overwhelming feeling away. If that is something you’d be interested in shoot me a text at 541-213-9472. Otherwise YES I will continue to post more here! Blogging is new to me but I’m stoked about it!


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